Wiesław Jarosławski is among the very best healers - he helps practically in all ailments.

(Article published in the weekly paper „Goniec” – Toronto, November 16-22, 2007)







    ...And again, as in my previous articles dedicated to Wiesław Jarosławski, the first lines are set to recall why this distinguished healer, known in past years in Canada to hundreds of people as Wieslaw 'Rabo', is using currently, or rather again, the surname of JAROSLAWSKI. This is his family name, under which he had gained recognition as a very effective therapist. In Canada he came to be widely known under the pseudonym of 'Rabo', as a short form, resonant, easy to remember and pronounce by English speaking patients. This arrangement had begun to cause an informational dissonance, requiring additional explanations, which I am presenting for the sake of clarity.


    Under the name of Jarosławski, he had taken expanded psycho-physical tests given by Janusz Wilczewski, Eng. Sc., who directs a Radiesthetics Study Center in Kielce, in Poland, and develops biotherapy expertise reports. Wiesław's predispositions reviewed there included his energy power, mental concentration, radiesthetic capability, degree of truthfulness, empathy (or capacity for compassion), vitality, sensitivity, hypnotic capabilities, and degree of positive thinking. The certificate from these tests fully confirms his capacity for energy healing action.


    Also, as Jarosławski, he completed, in a period of over two years, various courses and gained levels of initiation, becoming submersed in the intricacies of work with healing energy, under the eye of the Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, of Chinese nationality, who settled in the Philippines and there, in Manila, created and directed the famous "Institute for Inner Studies" (currently located in Makate City). The completed courses, confirmed with diplomas earned under the name of Jaroslawski, pertained to energy healing, Pranic psychotherapy, advanced techniques of energy healing, healing with the aid of crystals, and Arhatic yoga (developed by Choa Kuk Sui to be a tool in personal forming of the body and its protection).


    This then was the knowledge that made possible the use of very sublime energies matched precisely to the ailment, and thus the beginning of the humble path on which it was required to gain ever new confirmations of own healing achievements.


    Letters from patients healed of various ailments, gathered through the years (in the case of Wieslaw, this was for the period of seven years!), translated into the English language as needed, were to be sent in packets to the "Institute for Inner Studies". This was done so that Choa Kuk Sui could continuously assess achievements of his apprentice, acknowledge his effectiveness and, as a result, award him the title of Pranic Healer. Wieslaw Jaroslawski was also included in the worldwide network of the Institute, on the list of its recommended healers, practicing in Canada. He was also granted membership in the Canadian Pranic Healer's Association – (prana means the energy of life). This list may be found in electronic form at the address: http://www.pranichealing.ca.



    …Extremely hardworking, continuously in a hurry, always claiming that there is too little time to accomplish the daily program. His biological clock awakes him often before dawn, between five and six a.m. This is the start to a day filled with unusual activeness.


    By nine o'clock, when he leaves for the Clinic, to attend to those seeking his help, he is able to do a lot of work in the garden and also inside the house, because as the proverbial "handyman" he is able to repair or improve just about anything. He enjoys work, even heavy physical work, done outdoors in fresh air in full contact with the awakening nature.


    His breakfasts are a mixture of various greens, with a good portion of nettle. He supplements this with goat cheese and buttermilk directly from a farm. He drinks only clear water without gas and from good sources.


    In the clinic, during visits, he dedicates quite some time to each person. Here, he does not exhibit any signs of tiredness, even if he has to receive many people for several hours. Most certainly this is the effect of his unique capability of absorbing energy from nature, and this in the full spectrum of white light (the so called healing white), and enriching in this way his inborn therapeutic power. He laughs that after such a heavy day he still has sufficiently large surplus of energy to go to a good party, with dancing included, but most often his day ends with a late, also “greenery” supper, and off to bed.


    If he has time to eat dinner, he does this swiftly, and his later siesta lasts maybe a minute. This is how long he can remain in relative calm and he immediately jumps up to dash to other tasks, because… he cannot waste time. He is constantly on the move, with a smile and goodwill toward the suffering, who so numerously surround him.



     …in any other but traditional treatment methods, seemingly well proven and supported with the newest technology. I did not believe, that much more, because I am Canadian-born, educated in the local mentality that treats unconventional approach to therapy as proper to an Indian medicine man. I did not believe until the moment when I myself ended up in trouble.


    In January of 2006, suddenly a problem came up with the capillaries in my right eye. It became red like an angora rabbit’s. The capillaries on the eyeball were expanding and breaking, there were blood spots and effusions under the eyeball.


    In this state I was sent off to an ophthalmologist, specialist in eye capillaries, and I had this appointment in November of 2006.


    The recommended therapy was to have three injections of the drug „Avastin” to be made into the eyeball. Unfortunately, for the first two months there were no significant effects. Fortunately, my field of vision was not attacked – only at the edge of the picture, which I saw, there were some sort of dark blotches. This was very unnerving.


    My second appointment at the specialist’s was planned for the end of January, but before that I found out about the biotherapist, Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski, and his successes in bringing back health. The opinion was so good that despite my skepticism I decided to take the risk and made the appointment. These were in fact two therapy sessions done on two successive days in the middle of January 2007.


    When I went back to my ophthalmologist, about two weeks later, to have more tests done, the specialist was very satisfied, and even awed and surprised. He said outright that he did not expect such huge healing success in such a short time.


    Now I come to Mr. Jaroslawski for energy therapy regularly once a month, without neglecting the monitoring by the ophthalmologist.


    At present, I do not have to use any drugs or injections and I can definitely say that my medical problem is solved. The eye is healthy, clarity and field of vision perfect.


    In conclusion, I would like to express conviction, of a past skeptic, based on my own internal sensations and on observation of effects of the swift healing changes that occurred in my eye after successive sessions of energy input, that it is just this influence effected by Mr. Jaroslawski that has caused such swift, effective and lasting advancement in health.


            Thank you sincerely,

   Monika L      
Windsor, October 12, 2007.   




    ...Headlines in newspapers and magazines and also radio and television reports inform us that today’s population is more and more ill.

    A growing number of people suffer from ailments that previously have not occurred in such diversity and intensity. Patients come to clinics often with serious illness complexes not rarely involving various groups of organs, and what is even worse, patients ever more often do not react or react insufficiently to proven treatment methods.

    One may speak of a therapeutic blockage. One may mention here the sudden increase of allergies, mycoses, lowered resistance levels and long-lasting illnesses.

    Today people are being finished off by a long list of culprits, some of which I venture here:

     - negative influence of an environment they have badly shaped, along with the ensuing huge pollution of the natural environment 

     - sudden growth of electromagnetic burdens caused by such things as the ever newer networks of cellular telephony, wireless television controls, computer „mice”, microwave ovens, etc.

     - increasing division of life into the growing professional realm and the shrinking free time to be used for relaxation,

     -the resulting lack of rest and excessive psychological burdens,

     - food deprived of natural properties and genetically modified (please note that the term food is disappearing and is replaced by food products),

     - intensive use of various medicaments with numerous side effects, which for many people has become pharmacomania.

     The organism’s natural regulative and protective systems are interfered with and even blocked. The body’s capacity for self-healing has been decreased and the way is opened for illnesses to extend into chronic state.




    …because for the last three months a rash kept appearing in various places on my body. At first on knees and elbows – that was for the first two weeks – then suddenly it began to spread. It was like an allergic reaction. First there were spots. When I was lying down it was bearable, but within 15 minutes of getting up the skin around these spots would swell. This would continue for about two hours and then would slowly recede. Such sensations plagued me for about three weeks and after that it was worse. These spots came in cascades, formed islands and even bumps that were very hot and itching.


    These ghastly attacks of hives would last for longer periods until they filled the entire 24 hours. I would go to bed covered with the hives that came out during the day and in the morning I would wake up with new spots created in new places.


    Doctors were helpless. They said that I am probably allergic to something, but they were not able to point it out. In this state I bravely went to Las Vegas on vacation, but after the first night there I woke up not only with hives but also with a swollen face. Instead of relaxing I ended up in the hospital. The doctors there gave me large doses of steroids and antihistamine drugs. I swallowed those tablets but each morning I got up with bigger swelling and hives covering me everywhere.


    After returning to Canada, I was directed to a specialist who declared that this is a chronic state since my torture had lasted 7 weeks, and at this stage of development they are not able to discover the cause. I also heard that this is the course in about 90% of cases like mine. Treatment comes down to giving antihistamine drugs and may last a year, but there is no assurance of its effectiveness. It is estimated that the average treatment should be completed within the mentioned period but in some cases it may extend to four or even five years and there also is the possibility that this monstrous ailment may continue for life.


    I was desperate and desolate, lost hope for help from the medical world and while desperately looking for help I recalled Mr. Wiesław who had been helping my family in the past. I was lucky to find the business card and called immediately for an appointment. That was that bit of luck I needed.


    The therapist said that the cause of all this malady lies in the distressed liver and during the session concentrated mainly on it. Already after the first time there was evident improvement. I became more healthy with every visit. The number of spots and the swelling decreased. I had a total of five therapy sessions within three weeks and finally awoke totally healthy(!!!), without a trace of the hives and swelling.


    In the next days each morning I fearfully look at my skin, actually I check myself from head to toe and with a child’s glee note that my horror is definitely gone. And it used to be so bad that I did not eat because of the fear of allergic reaction, did not sleep in bed because something there might be allergenic, and I stayed on a leather couch, but that had not helped in any way.


    And now, just after a few energy therapies by Mr. Jaroslawski, I am HEALTHY, just as before this ghastly attack of hives, and without any blemish, spot or even the slightest swelling.


    My gratitude is huge and boundless,
  Beata C.
 Burlington, 13.09.2007.      




    …that is something more than just a lack of illness, it is also good disposition of the entire person in each field. It is connected to evolution and is seen as one aspect of the development of new awareness. Its essence is the understanding of energy, and not matter – man is not a lump of inanimate matter but comprises a unit of active energy to which it is necessary to adapt and acknowledge unity with all that exists.


     The energy that Wiesław Jarosławski has, upon enrichment with the energy taken from nature, is directed and sent to the person’s body in accordance with his needs. Positive changes are seen not only in the body of the treated person. The energy permeates him throughout and also effects changes in his emotional and mental systems, assuring return to full psychophysical efficiency, and this is in keeping with what each of us strives for… safeguarding of the greatest treasure that HEALTH is for us.


     Krystyn Herwy


 ....Wiesław JAROSŁAWSKI, phenomenon and sensational discovery of recent years in Polish and worldwide biotherapy, offers his services in Toronto and Mississauga.


All those wanting to become acquainted with his extraordinary healing capabilities are invited to call:

                                            416 887-3772 or  905-281-0008

                                             (for both locations)

    Medical Building in Toronto, 2333 Dundas St. West (by Bloor St. West), room 407.

    Medical Building in Mississauga, 3025 Hurontario St. (north of Dundas St.), room 510.

    Appointments also in Windsor. For information call:  416 887-3772 or  905-281-0008.


Grand Master Choa Kok Sui and Wieslaw Jaroslawski

416 887-3772 or  905-281-0008


IGNORANCE IS DANGEROUS ... is the title of an interview with the long-time archbishop of the Archdiocese of Lublin, Bolesław Pylak, that appeared in the January issue of the monthly "Nieznany Świat"/”Unknown World”, illustrating the viewpoint of this Church official on bioenergy therapy and radiesthesie:

Some talents (sensitivity to radiation), are a natural gift from God, which people have in various intensities. However, only about 20% of the world population is characterized by it to such a degree that they may help another human being and themselves. Not taking advantage of this gift would be an offense against the good Creator. Not helping others would be a sin of neglect(…). What is (…) biotherapy, also called natural medicine? We include under this name several forma of acting upon an ailing organism, in order to return to it the disturbed healthy equilibrium. It does not seek to be called academic medicine. It only wishes to give support to that medicine and possibly supplement it. It is earlier and older than its sister – the academic medicine – which makes use of various modern technical equipment. It still is practiced in many countries of the world, often in harmonious symbiosis with conventional medicine(…). Can Catholics take advantage of services(…) of healers and radiesthesie practitioners? Most certainly yes. These are actions with the use of natural talents of human nature given to us by the Creator for our good(…) Assigning effects of the actions of biotherapists to an evil spirit is nonsense. An evil spirit acts where a human being opens his heart to him, but ahs to access to people who live according to God’s precepts (…) Interpreting the effects of biotherapy as fruits of autosuggestion (psychological effect of placebo) is not proper, because biotherapists also help children, people who are not aware of it and animals.

(Here are some of the letters with which Wiesław is „deluged” and which contribute to the abundant, diversified and also very dear collection of his documentation)

Ailments: trauma after traffic accident - broken jaw, broken collarbone, gravely bruised head and torso, concussion, cracked hipbone, continuous headache, torturous dizziness, ghastly fear, anxiety and constant tearfulness, disturbed blood circulation in legs, swollen face and red scars, paralyzing pain.

...In my case it is one hundred percent improvement. My jaw had been in fact just put together from three loose parts with platinum wires. I continuously was given pain killers, which did not bring any relief. I could not sleep, could not turn from side to side, from the neck down I was totally bruised and aching, couldn’t even swallow saliva, barely ate “baby foood”.

Nights filled with suffering, each tremor of the head evoked ghastly wooziness. This lasted a full month, until the first time I met with Mr. Jaroslawski.

It is difficult to put my emotions into words and somehow put my roaming thoughts in order.

On 18 January, I was traveling to work with my husband, driving his Van. It was a narrow road. A snow plough with a large blade was approaching. It took up some of our lane. I had to move away to the right and then I swiped the roadside full of ice rocks. The heavy Van jumped up and I lost control of it. The car began to slip and turn slowly. We were flung straight at the plough. I remember everything until the moment of impact and hitting my head on the steering wheel. It was a massacre, we bounced off at the front end and after turning about also at the rear end – the car was demolished.

Those that were gathering us thought we were dead. My husband was thrown out the window, or maybe the door that disappeared. I awoke after a while but the safety belt held me. In shock, I freed myself and went to look for my husband. Over a dozen meters away I saw the door and my husband was lying a lot further. He was lying and holding his head, very disfigured and cut, lots of blood all around, he did not respond. Some woman was covering us with blankets, then ambulances came.

In the hospital, it turned out that I had a broken jaw, collarbone, gravely bruised head and torso, many different cuts, including deep ones on the knees. And of course, this was accompanied by a concussion.

My husband had a cracked skull. The crack ran from the left brow through the nose, cheekbones, at an angle along the jaw. This was connected with a concussion. And he also had a cracked hipbone and broken index finger on the left hand. Ah, yes, he also felt a sharp pain in the legs. Probably from bracing himself with his feet just before impact. Blood circulation must have been damaged because his feet were cold and numb.

What was going on in his mind - God only knows. Just before the accident he already was in shock, after it memory of events disappeared.

We were continuously suffering from harsh pain in our heads and wooziness. We were totally broken-up inside. Fear remained, constant anxiety, and in my case there was also involuntary weeping.

This went on for a month, until we met, on 18 February, with Mr. Jaroslawski. I am still trying to figure out how to best describe the feelings and perceptions during this first visit.

First of all, the ghastly fear, anxiety and constant need to cry disappeared entirely. As if at a hand’s touch, right in the office, there was no more of all that. The jaw that seemed too tight, stiff and not mine again became a normally functioning part of my body. The terrible pain in the head and aching of the teeth ceased. The wooziness disappeared as well. The large swelling on my face disappeared. I was healthy again! This happened already at the first therapeutic session!!!

My husband has similar recollection. The pain and torturous dizziness receded. After one day the red scars on his face became lighter. From the smothered being with roaming and bleak eyes he became a reborn man with a clear gaze of a healthy person. And, yes, the constant pain in his legs and feet stopped to oppress him. Circulation improved and feet became warm again. The problem with walking disappeared.

As I look at photos of the ruined car I find it hard to believe that we came out of this in one piece. Witnesses of the accident described our survival as a miracle. Even doctors at the hospital agreed on this.

In our view, another miracle was the meeting with Mr. Jaroslawki and what he has done for us. The lightning speed and effectiveness of his therapy – the outstanding effects were immediate – could not be matched by any doctor, physically nor psychologically.

It was also important to us that Mr. Jaroslawski turned out to be a normal person, not an exalted one. It was evident that he wanted to help. He searches for the best way to reach the patient, gain his trust and heal him.

This help gained in such a short time is not only very noticeable but also stable. It is not a momentary improvement for a few minutes. These are permanent results.

There is so much I want to say, as I jump from one element to another I am searching for the best way to communicate what was happening with us during and after the energy therapy at Mr. Wieslaw’s office.

I was supposed to undergo rehabilitation because after damaging the collar bone I could not raise my hand and the pain was paralyzing. However, I do not need the rehabilitation exercises because already upon the first visit I could raise my hand!

I am writing this letter fifteen days later, the pain did not return and I can easily manipulate my hand in all planes. My husband and I are both like newly born. We sleep without any problems, which is a substantial blessing after such a long period of suffering.

I learned of this unique healer from an acquaintance whom he had treated for pain (she had some problem with her bones) and after a therapeutic session she stopped taking painkillers.

Just to say that I am satisfied with the energy therapy done by Mr. Wieslaw would be a huge understatement.

I would like to have this letter published so that someone in a difficult health situation could find out about him and have their pain taken away. That is the crux of the matter – mutual assistance in overcoming misfortunes that so often touch us.

Zofia K
Władysław K.

Ailments: breast tumor, long-lasting pain after biopsy, varicose veins on both legs resulting in periodic inability to walk over a period of 5 years.

....September 2005 is a month deeply imprinted in my memory because it was then that I found out about a tumor in my left breast, and a huge one at that, as it’s size was described as half of a banana, so the only solution was an operation. I was stunned and my thoughts went wild.

To my good fortune, I found out that a biotherapist, Mr. Jaroslawski, is to come to Windsor in a week. Without another thought I decided to go in for a visit, and in this I received assistance from our dear Ursuline Sisters, since I did not have an earlier appointment. Their assistance resulted in my visiting Mr. Wieslaw late in the evening.

I believed and felt that events took such a course as to lead me to this therapist. And in fact, right after the first visit I felt a huge improvement, both physical and psychological.

Between September and October my family doctor called me to say that a doctor was assigned to my case who will be able to operate me but first the mammogram and ultrasound tests on the breast must be repeated. Everything was done so quickly that I just thought that the scalpel could not be avoided.

A week later, already after the repeated tests, I went to see the surgeon. He had with him the first and the second test results (done after my visit with Mr. Wieslaw) and at first he started to explain to me that it will be necessary to do a biopsy, because he has to be certain if this is a malignant tumor or not. And then he stopped and expressed amazement that the second test differs significantly from the first one because this tumor broke up into a lot of small lumps which should not pose any danger to me. Still, he did direct me to the hospital to have the biopsy done.

However, before the hospital visit, I had a second therapy session with Mr. Jaroslawski. After this meeting I felt a lot more secure, nothing hurt me and I felt as if I had lost some heavy burden.

Ah, yes, my other problem were varicose veins on both legs, for which I was operated without significant results, and later there were five attempts to get rid of them with injections. My condition kept getting worse, my legs hurt and there were periods when I could not walk. This torture disappeared completely and I felt normal. Girls at work are surprised that I stopped complaining about the pain in my legs.

I remember well the date of 13 December 2005, because on my way to the hospital I kept thinking how to get out of this. I couldn’t come up with an excuse and so I went for the preliminary tests. These lasted for over two hours and got me exhausted. The nurse kept repeating the mammogram for almost an hour. Surprised, she kept comparing the films with these very different results and carefully checked the area of the breast attacked by the tumor. Finally, she informed the doctor that she cannot find anything wrong with me. A specialist whom she called in also did not find any dangerous changes.

Tired but quite happy, I ran out from the hospital because I avoided breast amputation. Thanks to Mr. Wieslaw and his healing power I had a very Merry Christmas.

This good mood accompanied me until 10 January, because then a call came from the hospital that they had again looked at all my films and found a coagulation under my armpit. So, they want me to come in for a biopsy. I felt quite well, I did not find anything wrong, however they insisted and I finally gave in. That was a very painful stabbing, after which I felt a very deep pain in the entire left breast for a whole month.

After this very painful period, I again went to see Mr. Jaroslawski. Relief was immediate, and the second day after the visit the pain was totally gone.

Another call came from the hospital, that they made an appointment for me in May to repeat the tests.

I have been working for 14 years in a large dry cleaner’s outlet. In our group I am the third woman diagnosed with breast cancer. Those two girls had surgeries. It is over a year now. I am in contact with them; they still lack energy enough to come back to work. Perhaps, they are weary of the environment in which they had been. It is not pleasant to work in chemical stench, but I am past 50 and my English isn’t too good. Who would employee such an immigrant? I do talk to people, though, even in my limited language, and knowing their pains I tell them as well as I can about Mr. Jaroslawski. Already, several persons decided to visit him and all are very happy that they did.

My gratitude is huge and sincere. Thanks to him I avoided the horrible disfiguration and my legs, for 5 years filled with pain, now are normal.


Ailments: rheumatism with swelling of joints for over 20 years, liver and kidney damage after painkillers, at least 2-3 day migraine headaches every month/

....Mr. Wieslaw, or dear Mr. Wieslaw. I am gathering my thoughts and words to compactly describe the history of my illness and contain in them my huge gratitude.

I have been suffering from rheumatism for over 20 years. The specialist said that both my hands are invaded. My back also ached terribly. I had received a medicine called Bextra but it was removed because it could lead to a stroke (as a side effect). My hands were swollen, at night I took painkillers, at least 4-6 tablets each night. Every 2-3 hours I awoke in pain. All this medicine damaged my liver.

In October of 2005, I went to see Mr. Wieslaw for the first time. He said there was a strong energy block in the pelvis area, damaged liver and kidneys. Already after the first visit I slept all night (!), and my hands did not hurt as much as usually. After the next visit, I stopped taking the painkillers. Pain from hands and back was gone. Swelling from my knuckles was gone. The liver also returned to normal, which was confirmed by tests.

Another, hugely troublesome problem were my migraine headaches that came regularly every month (and sometimes even more frequently) that lasted two or three days. I could not function normally and going to work was out of the question. This burden went away completely. I still can’t believe it. My head does not ache and I can sleep all night. When I had asked my family doctor to help me get rid of the headaches he had said that unfortunately migraines cannot be cured.

I am not able to express well the huge gratitude I have for Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski. Thank you – that is not enough. If he ever finds himself in need he can always count on my assistance.

With deep respect,
Elżbieta R.,Windsor,
23 Sep. 2006

Ailments: damaged disk, immobilizing pain, morphine injects for pain, sleepless nights often spent in armchair.

....Due to heavy work I have a damaged disk. It was enough for me to turn suddenly and pain would shoot straight through me. Often, for weeks I could not go to the factory because of this.

The doctor saw only one solution – surgery, but I could not agree to this. Sometime it was so bad that my wife had to drive me to the clinic where after morphine shots the pain slowly diminished, until next time.

I went to see Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski in November of 2005. I remember that it was a Saturday. After therapy, he had asked me to come again the next day ---and that was all. The pain never came back, I am walking and working. In the mornings I get up like before, I do not need 15 minutes to get myself to start functioning. I feel great.

Thank you with all my heart.
Ryszard R.
Windsor, 24 Sep. 2006

appendages over a period of 2-3 years, morphine tablets taken to kill pain (as many as 6-7 a day!),

...My problem became know about 7-8 years ago. It began with pain in the spine. During the day it was bearable, but at night the pain traveled through the whole spine and I could not sleep.

I began tests – X-rays of the spine, kidneys, lungs – of everything that could be X-rayed. The test results did not point to anything. Based on the tests I was healthy, but the pain continued.

I received only tablets for relaxation, because the family doctor thought the problem involved tense muscles, but there was no improvement in my condition.

Gradually, pain in the legs developed, mainly a sharp pain in the thighs and numbness of the appendages. This was killing me for 2-3 years. It could be compared to a type of painful constrictions, the pain grew and radiated in the form of ghastly piercing from the thighs, through the fundament, all the way to the kidneys. It was unbearable and I could not go to work more and more frequently. I was becoming an invalid even though I was only 33 years old.

It all started again with the series of X-rays, but no decision on anything and the only medicine – pain depressants. The family doctor gave up as he could not give a diagnosis.

Because the pain was unbearable, I was offered morphine. I took lots of it from morning till night. Just so to survive another day, get to work and make money for living expenses.

For half a year I took morphine tablets, as many as 6-7 a day! Despite of this, ever more frequent were the times when I got home but could not get out of the car to crawl into bed or rather the armchair where, with pillows all around me< I would spend the night. The pain was overpowering and tears filled my eyes frequently.

I took larger doses of morphine. Awakening in the morning, or rather pulling myself out of the pain filled lethargy, would start with the clock set for 30 minutes in advance. Then I took a fresh pill of morphine and after 30 minutes I could slowly crawl to the bathroom and start another day full of torture. The more frequent and longer absences from work were ruining the family budget.

Then in "Goniec", I read an article about Mr. Wieslaw and decided to go and see him. It was September of 2005.

The first visit was Thursday evening; this I will remember to the end of my life! I do not remember that well the sensations during that therapy, but the effect was that the next morning I got up like reborn and marched off to work. The first time since six months without a tablet of morphine!!! I still felt a slight pain but it was not overpowering. It was also like this through Friday. The next day, Saturday, I repeated the therapy session with Mr. Wieslaw. After that meeting the pain went away completely and I could run and leap on the way home!!!!

After so many years of suffering I can sleep in a normal position, and as time went on could say with all certainty that I became a picture of health, because a year has passed since I entered Mr. Wieslaw’s office and still nothing is bothering me. Now, just in case, I still visit him every few months to keep on feeling great.

May the joy of my family and mine be, for you Sir, a form of gratitude for such awesome healing.

Thank you with all my heart,
Jacek M.
Brampton, 07.10.2006

Ailments: buzzing in head and spinal pains after a strong attack of depression, roaming pain preventing sleep at night, raised sugar level and high blood pressure, numbness and prickling sensations in hands, taking pain killing drugs, problems with walking.

... My illnesses, such as buzzing in my head and spinal pains, started 3 years ago when, after a strong attack of depression, I landed in the hospital, at the psychiatric ward. The cause of this was my harsh life and conflicts with the family of my past husband and his second wife.

The last Christmas Eve brought a crisis, I could not stand it, I cried for two days and finally cut my hand with a knife. I was taken to the hospital, where I received strong medicine for calming my nerves, after which the constant buzzing sound in my head started. The family doctor stopped prescribing hormonal pills and then the pain in the spine and head began and sugar level in the blood rose.

After taking the sedatives for six months, the pain everywhere grew. A sharp pain in my left leg that roamed from the hip to the ankle prevented me from sleeping at night. My whole pelvic area was aching, my knees felt feeble and more often I could not walk. In addition, my hands were numb and prickling sensations in my hands were so distressing that I could not even peel two potatoes for dinner.

Searching for aid, I went for chiropractic sessions where I had treatments with the use of electronic apparatus.

Doctors diagnosing the constant buzzing in my head kept repeating that there is no medicine for this and at my age (I am 66) this may happen. I also had tests for nerve stimulation in my leg and some small changes were discovered. All this treatment and consultations brought no effect. Without pain-killing drugs such as “Advil”, and at least two of them, I could not sleep through the night, or even turn from side to side.

In April of 2006< I went for a long vacation to Poland. There I went for several session to a chiropractic in Łodź, but I felt relief for only a short time. After returning to Canada, I read in a newspaper on September 14 (that date I will always remember) about Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski and decided to seek his therapy, even though most acquaintances expressed doubt and argued against this move. Life has proven that my decision was the right one.

After 5 visits with Mr. Jaroslawski, I finally can sleep well without poisoning myself with pain-killing tablets. Blood pressure became quite regular, blood sugar is at a safe level below 6 (Polish standard).

My leg and hips are not painful, hands do not become numb and prickling sensations are gone. The twenty-minute walk to my bus stop I now do without stopping or limping, which previously was not possible. I was very glad to lose 5,5 lbs. Aha – even though I stopped taking the anti-depression drugs, I do not cry, sleep well, in general I feel well and I have no doubts that this is to Mr. Jaroslawski’s credit.

I keep a notebook on my blood pressure, which used to fluctuate about 160-96-63 pulse, and now it is: 8 XI, 120-64-72 pulse, 9 XI, 121-67-73 pulse. In recent 17 days it reached 130-68-74 pulse only once, but that was after drinking coffee. All is quite well.

Thank you with all my heart.
Wiesława B.
Mississauga, 9 XI 2006

Ailments: multiple sclerosis invading the body from waist down, sleepless nights because of pain,

...Words will never express the gratitude that I and my family have for you, Sir.

In November of 2006, I barely reached your office with my own strength. All this because of an illness that fate brought me over a dozen years ago. Even though I was never diagnosed as having it, doctors are almost certain that I have Multiple Sclerosis.

This last attack of the illness was for me the most serious and burdensome till now, because it suddenly prevented me from walking. Describing it in detail – it was a feeling of numbness invading my body from the waist down, which made impossible any effective movement on my own and which was accompanied by unceasing, difficult to bear pain. And all this came on with a “gallop” during one night.

On the next, memorable, Saturday (18 November) I came to Your office with hope that you will be able to help me. My goal then was only to feel less pain and maybe stop the attack from further “spreading to the upper part of my body”.

On the basis of my previous experiences with MS, I knew that an attack can last a long time (for example, several or over a dozen weeks, as it was in the past) and that return to full health, and in this for the numbness and pain to go away, may not be so soon. However, I found that so very quickly during just a few visits with you I was healthy again!!! Already after the first session on Saturday, it was easier for me to bear the pain, and the feeling of numbness was not moving upwards. Moreover, during the first meeting, a great hope came into me, that You will be able to help me (what I saw and felt during the visit convinced me a lot). The following meetings in your office, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, caused evident receding of the numbness and pain. Gradually, the capacity to feel returned to my legs and the pain was getting weaker (much less intense than before the therapy).

The next week, also with three visits, it was only elimination of the numbness, first in the knees and then in toes of both feet and also „prevention” for the future.

This attack of MS, my hardest, most visible and painful until now, was „snuffed out” very quickly thanks to your most valuable help. Since December, I am functioning normally (doctors are hugely surprised!), I work normally, go skating with my son, I dance and enjoy life. You and Your most valuable energy have brought back my health and this so unexpectedly quickly!

Forever grateful,
Izabela K.
Toronto, December 2006

Ailments: came with general malady and received recommendation to have left kidney checked - a malignant tumor was found and removed successfully at its very early stage

...I wish to thank you sincerely for probably saving my life. Your recommendation to have my left kidney checked was perfectly correct.

At the first moment after leaving your office I thought, smiling to myself, that this is something completely unreal. Without any sensations, with the exception of a slight pain of a muscle in this same place (that’s what i thought then), I wanted to ignore your suspicion.

However, as time passed after that visit, the thought of the need to check the left kidney kept roaming in my head.

Visiting two doctors – the family doctor and urologist – I was asked how it is that I know about my suspected illness? Of course, I told them the truth, and surprisingly I had no problem with getting a referral for X-rays. Here, three technicians concentrated only and exclusively on this kidney. Right afterwards I was sent to have the more precise “Cat scan”. Both tests confirmed the same thing: there is a growth there of about 3 cm with suspicion of cancer.

I could choose to: 1 – do nothing, 2 – remove half the kidney, 3 – remove the whole kidney. I quickly made the third choice. After the operation it turned out that this was the correct decision – in the removed kidney there was a malignant cancer, which did not have the time to invade another organ. The urologist could not believe that this was such an early stage diagnosis!

I am on the way to recovery and in seventh heaven, because things could have been much worse. I am worried, however, that in connection with saving me, you will be overloaded with work in Windsor, because news of this success will spread quickly, I myself will be encouraging everybody to visit you. On the other hand, I am glad that because of this you will be able to save many more people, who have not as yet discovered their health problems, of course if they do not ignore your directions…

Once again, thank you very much, best regards and best wishes for huge energy.

Bogdan H.
Windsor, 01.03.2007

Ailments: child plagued by asthma, heavy breathing, and constant problems with lungs, repeated cases of “croupous laryngitis”, allergic to practically everything. At hospital „Emergency” rooms he was usually given hormones, via inhalation through a mask, and this gave short periods of relief

...My son Andrzej (age 7) was constantly ill during the last four years. He was plagued by asthma, heavy breathing, and constant problems with lungs. Two to three times a year he had bronchial and lung inflammation. He kept getting “croupous laryngitis”. The hospital was his second home, where he was often in bed, with various drips and inhalators attached.

He was allergic to practically everything. Various tests: for dust, cat and dog hairs, pollen, were positive, demonstrating his complete susceptibility to their damaging effects. When any plants were flowering he could not catch his breath, became blue and was choking.

We often ended up at hospital „Emergency” rooms – then he was usually given hormones, which he inhaled through a mask. This gave short periods of relief and then another cycle would come. I wondered with him from doctor to doctor and not once was there a more permanent healing effect. The last period before the visit at Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski’s office was horrible. The entire month my son was choking like a fish thrown out of water.

It was at the beginning of October in 2006 when I found out about Mr. Jaroslawski and his unusual healing capabilities. We had just gone through another visit at a specialist’s and I was provided with a huge bag of medicines, but I did not believe any more in their effectiveness.

Pranic therapy at Mr. Wiesław’s office loomed before me as the last chance for our Andrzejek to become healthy again. We walked over half an hour to the first visit, even though we live close by to the health center, because my child had great difficulty with breathing while walking.

And then it was like in a good fairy tale, already after the first (!!!) session all those horrible symptoms of his numerous allergies disappeared! All together we had 4 visits and now, I can definitely say, that our son is the healthiest of humans. For five months now he does not touch any pills. He is renewed, overflowing with energy, he runs and jumps, and the time when he could not make a few steps without reaching for an inhalator is gone out of our memory – and I am trying to find the words to use to describe my huge gratitude to Mr. Jaroslawski, and all seem to be too poor.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, with all my heart.
Rusłana O.
Toronto, 29.04.2007

Ailments: severe asthma attacks over a period of 3 years, attacks of breathlessness occurred regularly three to four times a week, mainly at night

…My problem was asthma, and a sharp one at that.

It began 3 years ago, attacks of breathing problems, tiring nights without sleep (because then all symptoms accumulated and prevented normal breathing), as a result there was a decrease in physical and psychological condition.

I began visits to doctors, from one to another. They said that my illness will never go away and with time it will get worse.

I was not about to give up and within six months I visited successively three naturopathic doctors, of whom I heard positive opinions. They recommended herbs, diets, acupuncture – if one is to speak of a positive effect, it was slight and momentary.

I began to get depressed when an acquaintance, who had taken advantage of your help (you had removed strong pain from her legs, which she had suffered for months), heartily recommended you.

I must say that I am an unbeliever and I would not decide to have energy therapy but „a drowning man grabs a blade” so I took the risk and made an appointment. This was on December 8, 2006. After that the impossible became possible.

Normally, my attacks of breathlessness occurred regularly three to four times a week, mainly at night. During the first night after therapy at your office there was an asthma attack so I had to sit up and catch my breath. Usually, I struggled for at least an hour, or even longer, but this time it was a slight attack and a short one. And this was the last of my troubles!!!

The second and third night passed calmly, the following ones also. After a week I repeated the visit and everything calmed down ideally and went away. Finally came the nights of good sleep that I dreamed of for years.

Until today, when I am writing this letter, on 01.03.2007, only once did I have a slight feeling of breathlessness and its is hard to even compare this to an attack.

I used to be connected to sports and was very active physically, I did a lot of running, but when I became ill (I recall that this lasted three years) I had to leave all that. Now I began to jog again. I can easily say that I feel a thousand times better!

In closing I would like to recommend wholeheartedly the therapy performed by you, sir (here I want to underline your name – JAROSLAWSKI), to all those who often come up against doctors’ categorical statements that some illness is not healable. I came to you, sir, FOR HEALTH and in my case it turned out that what was to be unattainable became real after the energy therapy and today I enjoy its fullness.

Marek M.
Mississauga, 01.05.2007

Ailments: high blood pressure lasting over 10 years, ignored pain coming from kidneys, reoccurring immobilizing shooting pain due to an earlier back-strain,

….I mainly came to see Mr. Wieslaw due to high blood pressure. I can say that this was a problem of many years, probably at least 12. The pressure was always around 180/95. Initially I would receive from doctors tablets for lowering it, but after taking them I started to feel very ill. I began to have dizziness, I felt as if I was about to fall down. When in such a state I was afraid to get into a car. And so it dragged on.

The problem ended after I picked up by chance the paper „Gazeta” in which I read an article about Mr. Jaroslawski. This was at the beginning of September of 2007. The information contained there was so encouraging that I made an appointment very quickly.

After initial analysis of the state of my health, Mr. Jaroslawski said that the cause of my high blood pressure lies in the kidneys, and the right one is in a much worse shape. I did in fact feel sharp stinging or burning pain in this place. This was a form of interrupted attacks of pain lasting several minutes. I even began to suspect that I have a kidney stone.

After the first therapeutic session, Mr. Jaroslawski recommended that I measure my blood pressure very regularly. A positive result came almost immediately, the blood pressure fell and the next two visits actually solved the problem completely. The blood pressure not only is lower but it stabilized at a textbook level. Now measurements regularly show 135/75, pulse of 70, and I have completely forgotten about the burning pain near the kidney.

And Mr. Jaroslaw also did away with another of my problems, which caught me in the meantime. This was a sharp shooting pain that has been reoccurring due to an ailment from many years ago (over 10 years). I have some kind of damage between the 4 and 5 vertebrae and as a result any strain or chill in that area would cause long-lasting paroxysms of pain. This would paralyze me completely for a week or two, and I even could not drag myself from the bed to the bathroom.

And now, after four visits at Mr. Jaroslawski’s office the improvement is huge.

The pain is gone completely and what is also very important, the damned morning stiffness also disappeared, when a sudden movement could cause an immediate explosion of pain and cause exclusion from life for many days. Now I feel like a teenager, even though I have accumulated 48 springs. I am relaxed, all the muscles and vertebrae function together correctly and gone is the fear of a sudden return of pain.

I move gingerly and my blood pressure is like that of a person practicing sports. My concentration also has improved. Before I used to be distracted and many details escaped me in everyday activities. Now, I am calm, I remember everything, and my organism functions like an efficient machine.

Thank you hundreds of times.
Józef Ś.

Mississauga, 02.11.2007.

Ailments: chronic sinusitis and infections of the sinuses resulting in necessity to continuously clear throat and spit, chronic infection of the nose tip,

…My plague were chronic sinusitis and infections of the sinuses. Mucus seeped from them continuously, mainly on the left side. This was horribly burdensome because I had to continuously clear my throat and spit. And in addition to that I had chronic infection of the tip of my nose, which often was of deep red color.

The family doctor had no clue what to do. I suspect that she thought I was drinking heavily, even though I totally abstained. These may be rather humorous aspects of my ailments, but in everyday life this was not funny at all.

I sought help from one doctor to another, from hospital to hospital. At the “Mount Sinai” clinic I was X-rayed in detail, and a specialist checked me but found nothing. I even went to an allergist, again had X-rays done and… on the films everything was just fine, but my sinuses kept on dripping like a broken faucet.

Another hospital, „St. Joseph”, another specialist who now signed me up for Cat-scan...but afterwards no diagnosis came either, because the films were normal.

In the end a specialist proposed an operation. He did not say what kind, only assured me that I will be healthy again. However, after this action it was even worse. It was only later that I found out what the surgeon had done. Well, in the nose there are such little bumps which help in the winter to heat the inhaled air and in the summer to cool it. The surgeon cut these natural bumps and made the nose channels smooth. In effect nothing improved, and the tip of the nose was getting even more red.

Now, if there was any pollen in the area I inhaled a full stream of it and that really caused suffering. My nose continued to leak and during winter in freezing conditions each breath was like a poke to the brain.

I visited another laryngologist and for a year I was stuffed with different injections with absolutely no positive results. So then another laryngologist...they tested, tested and nothing again. And I continued to experience a concentration of mucus somewhere between the nose and palate, so I coughed, spit out and used up mounds of paper tissues. The most recent solution was to be some kind of new generation spray, which I was supposed to spray into the nose before going to sleep, but it also had zero effect.

Aha – those previous doctors also recommended using castor oil to spread inside the nose. All these mixtures helped for a few moments and very quickly everything was just as before.

One of the theories involved a suspicion of mould on houseplants that was supposed to be attacking my sinuses. I had to throw out all the flowers, but no health improvement followed.

And finally, in this journey of mine TOWARD HEALTH, I ended up in Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski’s office. I had twelve sessions of energy therapy after which I felt well, and even perfectly well. At last, at the age of 77 (oh yes, I waited a long time for such help!), all of my sinus and nose ailments disappeared. As my wife says, I am not the same man. There is no trace of sneezes, phlegm, necessity of continuously cleaning my nose, which finally stopped getting red(!!!). I breathe easily, with huge relief, even with pleasure and no irritations occur anymore.

My gratitude is boundless.
Thank you from the depth of my heart
Bronisław S.
Etobicoke, 20.11.2007.

Ailments: trauma after electric shock accident that evolved into depression lasting several years

....It will be about five years now since I had an accident at work and experienced electric shock. It was a medium burn, but in effect of all events connected with this my psyche suffered the most.

In the company they mixed everything up with this accident. My superior who had not organized the work properly tried to put all the blame on me. I defended myself as best I could, but my psyche was weakening, problems with sleep started, a depression was deepening. Horror was growing, a paralyzing fear, a feeling of danger from all around and complete lack of satisfaction with anything in life.

I met with several doctors and specialists, they prescribed some tablets, after which I would gain several days of relative calm and then everything returned to the previous state, so I would go back to swallowing tablets so as not to be depressed completely.

Finally, after several months of waiting I had an appointment with a super specialist, but here also my hopes for aid were shattered. He said, that in all it is not that bad with me, he prescribed more tablets and added that if things got worse I should try to call him.

Again I ended up in the hell of fear, dread and total feeling of total lack of any sense. Then the family doctor was treating me again, prescribing more tablets, probably “Paxyl”, which gave only a moment of relative peace.

At the next time of the dumps I ended up at a doctor’s specializing in psychiatry, psychotherapies and neuropsychiatry. I am under his care for about four years. All this time I swallowed drugs of the newest generations, just to function at least at minimum.

During last summer I was planning to travel with my wife to Poland for a family wedding. I was in better form, the event was joyous and under my wife’s suggestion I stopped taking the pills, for about a month. After a moment of relief, unfortunately I relapsed into depression. Around me I saw only negative things – all this hurt and agony was growing, so after returning from this spoiled vacation I again was stuffing myself with psychotropic drugs.

It was at this time that I found out about Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski – I remember that it was November of 2007. I was a skeptic, but what did I have to lose?

And suddenly something good and beautiful began to happen. I felt a fantastic, energetic influence of this man. There were four or five of these therapy sessions. After each I felt more relieved and relaxed.

Mr. Wieslaw suggested that I slowly start to decrease the number of tablets that I was taking, and in the end I stopped taking them at all. Now, after several months since I stopped taking drugs, I can say that I am relaxed, calm guy who enjoys life and is completely happy.

And there is not the slightest doubt that this happened because of the miraculous energy therapy, which Mr. Jaroslawski conducts.

Grateful for life,
Jan M.
Mississauga, 16.02.2008

Ailments: attacks of sharp currents of piercing pain from the neck through the entire arm to fingers that huge amounts of painkillers could not stop

....I suddenly began to feel sharp currents piercing my shoulder that came from the neck and went through the entire arm to my fingers. The most illustrative comparison of this torture could be to electric shocks. The frequency of these attacks grew at an alarming pace. There were more of them each day and the pain was sharper. It burned so that I was squirming. There were time when I would be pierced with painful series, second after second.

As soon as this started, I went to the family doctor and she directed me to a specialist. I was given a Cat-scan and MRI, after these the deduction was: rheumatoid changes in the neck, which cause this horrible pain in the entire shoulder. Surgery was suggested but without a guarantee of any success. Already knowing examples of several interventions with the scalpel, which did not give effects in similar problems involving nerves and pain, I did not agree to the surgery.

The only thing that I got from the doctors were the painkillers, which doped me somewhat, and only for short periods, but soon my stomach and liver began to revolt. The situation was becoming dramatic because I could not exist normally.

It was then that from a paper, and later from acquaintances, I found out about Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski and his unusual therapeutic achievements. I immediately decided to seek his help. And this was the type of therapy I was seeking!

In all I had four visits. The energy flow that was caused by Mr. Jaroslawski could be distinctly felt, and this not only as a warmth, but also a distinct prickling sensation. It was like “hoards of ants” tramping all over my skin, taking away pain and bringing relief.

After first two therapies, the number of pain attacks decreased. There were not only fewer of them but also less painful. There were not several in a minute but only several in an hour. After the next two therapy sessions all the sensations stopped, as if “removed by a hand” and this is a permanent effect!

A while after these visits I again had MRI done, which were prescribed by another specialist. These results were a lot better than the previous ones. The medical professional even said that he does not see anything wrong in my left arm that might cause any pain reaction.

The problem, thanks to the healing energy send by Mr. Jaroslawski, was removed quickly... I believe and feel that it is forever.

I am boundlessly grateful to Mr. Wieslaw.

Krzysztof S.
Belleriver, 16.02.2008

Ailments: child’s long-lasting (over 2 years) bronchitis

....My problem was my son’s long-lasting bronchitis, mainly on the right side. This illness began actually right after little Wiktor was born, when he had just three months. From that moment he was ill frequently and when winter came, I can safely say that he was ill continuously.

The only form of treatment was constant use of the inhalator. I used that pump every four hours or more often, blowing an antibiotic into my son’s lungs. Each time there was a fight over it because the child objected fiercely.

The pediatrician described his state as asthmatic, and that’s how it was until the moment when Wiktor was about two and a half years old. It was then like a winning lottery ticket that note that fell out of a Polish newspaper with information about energy therapy conducted by Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski. It was written in such an interesting way that I immediately decided to try.

Actually, I started with myself, because I was totally deregulated, the list of ailments was huge and after analysis of my health standing he described me as a „walking wreck”, and just 35 years old. But that is a separate story, here I would like to return to my son’s case.

I remember that during the first visit I asked Mr. Jaroslawski if I could also bring my little asthmatic. He seemed to concentrate a bit, made some motions with his hands and said to bring him in as soon as possible.

So we started the visits (in all we were three times to see Mr. Wieslaw) and from that time, even though eight months have passed (!), my little son is healthy, and never, let me repeat …NEVER again did I have to use that “puffer”, that made Wiktor cry. His immunity grew immensely and he stopped getting ill.

My child is healthy, good humored, even joyous, be breaths deeply, runs and does not get tired, sleeps very well… and as a very happy mother I can only say…from my whole heart

Anna S.
(mother of three-years old Wiktorek)
Mississauga, 23.04.2008

Ailments: chronic difficulty with breathing and lack of energy for any daily activities, dry cough and severe blockage of the nose diagnosed as bronchial asthma, thyroid problems, cysts in breasts, high blood pressure, open sores in both palms.

…Please excuse a certain chaos in my letter, but it is hard to take control over the positive emotions, which erupt and make writing difficult for me. There are so many good words that I would like to write about you, Sir. I will try to put it in order now.

I must admit that to the first therapy appointment with you I was going without conviction. I have previously gone to many herbal therapists, energy therapists and those healing with Chinese methods – without effect. But the opinions connected with your name were so promising that I took the risk. And even more, that visit appeared to me as my last hope.

Health issues I had many – tiring problems with breathing connected with a horrible dry cough were getting more severe. The nights were the worse because the symptoms did not let me lay in bed and sleeping was out of the question. Days also were not much better when I could not function normally, and the slightest exertion was torture for me. I moved about without any strength and each action would tire me completely. On top of this I had severe blockage of the nose that made breathing difficult.

After a month in the hospital there was no improvement, and it even was worse. The doctors said I had bronchial asthma and send me home.

To these ailments I still have to add problems with the thyroid, cysts in my breasts, high blood pressure, and sores on the inside of my hands. All this plagued me for 10 years.

Medical prognoses were not optimistic. I kept hearing that it was a chronic illness that cannot be treated effectively, sometimes it will be better and then worse, difficulty with breathing will be greater with time and improvement is not expected.

I was terrified of taking drugs all my life. The problem of open sores on my palms was just as bad. I kept going from allergy specialists to a dermatologists, and all had medical titles. All had nothing to say about my condition.

In the end, i was placed in a Dermatology Ward in a renown clinic. I had many tests done and many treatments. The affected skin layers around my sores were sampled, my hands were frozen, various ointments were put on, and these included steroids. Doctors, professors and an entire auditorium of students looked at my hands. All the experiments, samplings of new pharmacological preparations – taken by mouth and spread over the skin, did not give any positive effect.

The affected areas itched terribly, which intensified the pain. My poor hands were also treated to injections, every few centimeters, which were supposed to bring relief and cause healing of the sores. I can only say that these hurt immensely, and relief, if it did happen, was very short.

....I was forbidden any contact with water, detergents and just with anything at all. For esthetic reasons I had to wear gloves because my hands really looked repulsive.

When I first sat on the chair in your office, I don’t know exactly what I felt - probably a mixture of uncertainty and fear. Doing the analysis of my health, without asking about anything, you mentioned everything that troubled me. I was shocked, and let me add, you did not omit a thing.

During the treatment I was becoming more and more calm, I felt that my breathing was getting lighter and there was a pleasant relaxation. I could not believe that this is really happening.

Already after the first visit I felt a huge relief hard to describe, I almost flew home. I wanted to show my family that I can breath just like they do! I do not pant and gasp anymore, and the next day I cleaned the whole house and made dinner, and all this with joy not pain.

The next visit, or rather the effect of that visit, for me bordered on a miracle. After so many years of suffering my sinuses were unblocked due to your capabilities.

I do not know if I will put this into words very well, this what was happening to me. A wave of heat came over me, my feet were burning as if I was standing on hot coals, At home there also came a huge pain from the sinuses. It was already late at night when I felt I had to clean my nose – at this time the balloons of puss that were blocking my sinuses opened up and all that muck started to flow to the outside. This lasted the whole night (!), but in the morning I could finally breath, as the saying goes “with my full chest”. All this was done by this awesome energy of the Master of Biotherapy Wieslaw Jaroslawski.

I should also add that I stopped taking the thyroid pills and I also do not take the drugs to ventilate the bronchial tubes. After successive sessions I became a healthy person. I feel great and am optimistic. Thanks to the therapist named Jaroslawski everyday life is beautiful again.

I do not know how to express my gratitude, I still do not find fitting words because thank you can be used for some small things but here it is a matter of great things, pertaining to human health and life. My gratitude is without boundaries.

I still continue to take advantage of the benefits of energy therapy. The open sores on my palms are also closing up. The improvement is huge. I have my next therapeutic energy session next week. I wait for this visit eagerly, and in the meantime I wish the Master much strength and always fresh energy for all of us in need and suffering.

With respect,
Ewa M.
Mississauga, 1.05.2

Ailments: chronic constipation of over twenty years

...I was just about totally exhausted because I was plagued a long time, over twenty years, by persistent constipations.

This nuisance, of the type that one does not speak out loud, had tortured me harshly and without any break. There were never better moments, never was my digestion system normal, not even for a short period. Even if I had bowel movements twice a week that was great, usually it was only once a week or even less. And even this rhythm could not be maintained if it was not for tablets (Alax, Altra) and an herbal mixture called Normosan. I constantly looked for home methods, changed herbal teas and nothing helped.

The doctors only recommended a strict diet without bread, potatoes, rice, so no carbohydrates. Vegetables were allowed, and I ate a lot of them and from my own garden, fresh and without fertilizer, but the desired effect wasn’t coming. I applied all recommendations, drank all my brews and with years I lost hope for normal existence. Then, forced a little by my sister-in-law, I started to consider visiting the biotherapist Mr. Jaroslawski.

Previously I read a lot about this man, but somehow I did not connect his therapy with my health problems. Finally I was ready to make the decision and this resolution changed my life. The first visits were at the beginning of December in 2007. A positive change occurred already after the first visit, and a total radical healing already after the second energy therapy. I WAS TOTALLY HEALTHY!!! My digestive and extrusion cycle was normalized to a daily routine.

And this is how it still is, after many months. That entire horror of twenty years is far in the past. Just to make sure I went for three more visits, more from fear of the evil returning than from need. Everything still is fine, regular, and I am finally feeling great.

Thank you, thank you, Mr. Wieslaw, for this invaluable therapeutic help.

Grażyna S.
Mississauga, 29.04.2008

Ailments: asthma after acute bronchitis, spinal pains for over 20 years

…I finally became a happy person, and I owe this to you, Sir, and this energy healing power, which you control. For some time I suffered and the reason was asthma, actually I was totally exhausted. It all started several years ago when I had acute bronchitis.

Treating this with traditional means recommended by the doctor did not help much, I was getting tired and in the end I got this horrible asthma. I was not able to leave home, I could not sleep nor even walk freely, and every even smallest effort would bring me down. Even talking was exhaustive because then problem with breathing intensified and my breathing would become heavy. It would look as if I was constantly choking and wheezing.

I was so depressed that I really just did not want to live. And then came the day when a miracle happened. I know that this word may not fit here but it is hard for me to find a substitute. I will remember that day always, like a childhood poem... 7 August 2008, when in Strzelce Krajeńskie arrived Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski, the famous biotherapist.

When I saw him I immediately felt that in this man there is something unusual. There also was a kind of feeling of happiness in that I can take advantage of his therapy. It is hard to understand and convey these emotions... but already after the first energy treatment I felt like newly born. Asthma, because that is what the doctors called this damn thing, disappeared without a trace!!!

With disbelief, I came out of the therapist’s room into a world that again became beautiful and friendly. I can finally breath freely, walk, even run. Without any difficulty I walk the stairs up to my fourth floor apartment, which used to be total suffering and torture. I am not “walled-in” in my own apartment.

Let me mention that for over 20 years I suffered from spinal pains, which also limited my possibilities of moving about on my own. These problems also went away after four therapy sessions. Today I am the happiest of people. This wonderful man has become a close friend to me, who has saved me from suffering.

I then take the liberty to say: Thank you Wiesiu Jaroslawski, may God continue to support this power due to which you can help people so well. I myself saw tears of mothers who thanked you for bringing back the health of their ailing children, and I am glad that you give such great hope for healing to so many who suffer.

With all my heart I thank you again,
Maria K.

Strzelce Krajeńskie, 20.08.2008

Ailments: deep neurosis, problems with breathing, ovarian cysts,

...All the evil began from stress and deepening neurosis – I can say that it was very advanced. It gathered for many years and at the beginning of this year it was very, very bad.

I wondered through various medical centers, visited doctors of various specializations, several expensive tests were done, such as MRI of the brain, ultrasound of the abdomen, multitude of blood tests. The MRI of the head was okay, and in effect after months of figuring out what is wrong with me I was prescribed huge doses of antidepressants, but after checking what the side effects could be I decided not to take them at all.

My neurosis grew, some of this was due to the ultrasound tests on my abdomen which showed that cysts appeared on my ovary, one was about 3,5 cm and the other about 3 cm. In this state I ended up, in February of last year, in the office of Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski. In all I had fifteen visits.

After some time, it was May, an ultrasound test showed that one of the cysts disappeared. Another such test done at the end of September confirmed that the second one also stopped to exist.

In my neurosis there also was clear improvement, I am relaxed, smiling, I breath easily and not like before when I used to have difficulty with catching some air through a throat tight with fear. Thanks to your treatment health returned to me.

Thank you sincerely
Grażyna S.
Kitchener, 11.10.2008

Ailments: paralyzing back pains after bicycle crash (20 years ago), beginnings of paralysis of both legs, depression

...As a teenager during a crazy bicycle ride I had crashed. Then I was thirteen and totally lacked a survival instinct. On a narrow bridge I crashed head-on with a school friend who also was speeding on a bicycle from the opposite direction. I awoke in the hospital and found out that I had a crushed jaw, broken teeth and I was horribly bruised in general. Then there was surgical patchworking.

. My jaw was reconstructed with metal plates, teeth were mounted on pins and somehow my wounds healed. From that accident many years of torture began, horrible back pain. I went from doctor to specialist. This diagnosing and consulting took some years and I was suffering.

Finally, one of the orthopedic surgeons, after looking at my many X-rays, said that I had some sort of a split in the lower part of my spine. That doctor sent me to a colleague, who was taking care of similar cases, and he proposed surgery. I had just passed twenty but I felt like an old man with a broken back so I agreed.

...During the operation, four rather long pins were put in along with additional joints, which were to stabilize my painful spine and help it heal. I was supposed to walk around with these pins for eighteen months and after their removal be healthy again. Nothing like this happened.

The problem remained and even became bigger. From week to week and year to year it was getting worse, my back hurt like hell. I actually stopped being self-sufficient, I felt as if along my spine someone was stabbing with blunt knives. Pain was killing me all the time, I could not easily wash my face, bend down, normal walking was out of the question.

...I could not read in a straight-up position for longer than five minutes and I could last several minutes sitting in front of a TV. I became the father of a charming girl but I could only dream of picking up the baby. And so my suffering went on for years and it grew as time went on. I could not even sneeze because this caused huge pain. Doctors had nothing to offer. Their only recommendation was a strong pain killer “Methadon”.

I took it for the last five years, starting with 30 mg dose, and gradually reaching 140 mg! I drank so much each day because otherwise I could not eat or sleep and the persistent pain blocked appetite, took away sleep and still blocked effective movement. On top of that, during the last two years I began to feel something like a paralysis of my legs. It was getting harder to move them, I did more crawling and bumping about than actual walking, and to even make things worse both feet started to ache. My entire life was falling apart. I was in deep depression and did not see any sense in continued existence.

And then my mother read in a newspaper an article about Mr. Wieslaw Jaroslawski and the healings he had caused. It was so interesting that she immediately made an appointment for me. I remember that this was in August of 2007. I began the long trips to his office in Toronto, but it was worth it! Already after the first therapy session there was improvement, I felt a clear relief, but I really caught on after returning home when I realized that I had driven over 300 km without stopping, which before I could not possibly do.

After that, regularly, with each visit the pain decreased and strength was coming back. I also regained life psychologically, the hope of getting well appeared. After the second visit, for the first time from long time ago I slept miraculously well, turning from side to side and I had beautiful colorful dreams. I am coming to see Mr. Jaroslawski for over a year now. At first it was twice a week, gradually reducing the number of these miraculous energy therapies to visits in two-three week cycles.

In my health came a huge improvement, unbelievable improvement. The pain piercing my back for almost twenty years is gone and legs are fully functional again. I do not take any drugs, my appetite is great, but I am not gaining weight, because the digestion has normalized. My shattered psyche is whole again… I smile at life in the morning and also before going to sleep.

I am healed and I finally feel great and for everything, for your optimism, faith and final success and this extraordinary positive energy which you have given me… I hugely thank you,

Mariusz B.


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